About Us


To permanently change the way the society views and treats girls and women in the society.


To provide a platform where women and girls are given necessary support to succeed beyond their wildest imaginations and dreams.


  • To reduce gender based violence.
  • To eradicate poverty among women and girls through economic empowerment.
  • To reduce school girl drop out due to early marriages/pregnancies.
  • To improve women participation in decision making processes.
  • To promote women leadership through trainings and mentorship programs.

About us

VIPEP is a girl child and women-based non-profit organization in Kenya that was started in 2010 with an aim to promote gender equality by championing initiatives that create opportunities for girls and women from disadvantaged backgrounds so that they may have equal chances to their male counterparts in sectors like education, leadership positions, career etc. We endeavor to achieve this through conducting policy research, campaigns and mentorship programs. We advocate for women’s rights and inspire girls and women to tap the power within them and be the change they want to see.

"A pillar is a firm support of a superstructure. Women are these support systems. The superstructure is the family, the community. Without a pillar, a building will crumble down to pieces. When we have women who are empowered, we have strong superstructures, strong and stable families and societies. That is the motivation behind Village Pillars Empowerment Project. We want to be the agent that helps these pillars be strong. We want to be the organization that cements these pillars. Understanding the undeserved position that women in the villages have, we focus our activities in the villages so as to give these women a new hope and a new voice. Together, let us support the pillars of our society!"

~Rebbecca Wanyama, Founder/Director, Village Pillars Empowerment Project.

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In VIPEP we believe that speaking up is very vital in putting an end to or reducing the rate of gender discrimination, gender inequality and gender based violence. Paza Sauti(speak loudly) is a program under which we conduct various online and offline campaigns against prevalent issues such as early childhood marriages, FGM, rape, defilement, spousal killings, physical assault, sexual harassment and general gender discrimination. The program creates a platform where members of the public can participate in various campaign events and be agents of change in the society. Are you interested in taking part in Paza Sauti Campaign Programs?


This program aims at promoting the use of empirical information in understanding the nature, prevalence, cause and effect of various challenges affecting women in the society. It serves as a complementary source of information that will enhance policy decision making, reducing gender inequality and facilitating effective redress and response in our society. We believe that to effectively solve a problem, you have to understand in depth the circumstantial and environmental factors surrounding an issue, the root cause of the problem and sub causes of a problem before suggesting a lasting solution. The activity takes the nature of policy research and coming up with policy papers and policy recommendations and research papers.


Masomo Muhimu(Education is Important) is a program that aims at supporting girls from underprivileged backgrounds access quality education through providing scholarships for girls. At VIPEP we believe that to education is the key to enlightenment, and therefore the most effective way to transform one’s life is to give her an education. We provide scholarship opportunities for girls joining secondary schools and colleges.

VIPEP also provides informal education for out of school or stay at home women to have basic literacy skills such as reading and writing as well as human rights education and basic money generating skills such as cake baking soap making and hairdressing to be able to earn a living and support their families.


VIPEP endeavors to provide mentorship for young girls in primary, secondary, and university level through creation of VIPEP clubs in such institutions. Members of the club are privileged to obtain leadership training through workshops that enables them to be impactful and transformative leaders in the society. Members also get to have a mentorship system where high qualified women from different professions and career fields mentor girls that are interested to pursue the same lane. VIPEP club members are also trained on how to take part in community service and give back to the society.

VIPEP club members also take part in research competitions. The competitions require the girls to conduct a thorough and detailed research on key problems affecting their societies. They should then come up with an elaborate research paper that has workable recommendations on what can be done to solve the problem. The winners get a chance to be supported to conduct projects that can help implement their recommendations as well as other gift hampers.

VIPEP also conducts workshops in communities where we create awareness among the women about the key issues affecting them such as early childhood marriages, sexual and physical violence and reproductive and child healthcare for young mothers. We also provide them with advice on how to avoid being victims of vices such as rape and other forms of gender based violence. We also form women groups called Waridi (rose flower) Women groups where women get counseling and guidance from counselors and mentors on reproductive healthcare, financial management skills and nutrition skills for those that have children. The group is also meant to be a support group for women to help them come up with initiatives that they can implement to help other women in their community. The women group aims at encouraging people that have benefited from the program to also help others in the society so that there is a rippling effect of empowerment in the society