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A group advocating for the empowerment of women with skills

VIPEP is a non-profit organization in Kenya that seeks to promote the development of adolescent girls and young women in rural communities through trainings, discussions and mentorship programs

Our Programs

She Goes Digital

She goes digital is a program that seeks to bridge the gender digital gap by equipping adolescent girls and young women from the rural parts of Kenya with modern digital skills that are relevant to them, as well as providing access to digital devices and internet connection through hubs. So far, we have one digital hub in Kakamega County and have trained over 409 girls and women through the hub.

Mwanaume wa Power

Mwanaume wa Power is a Swahili word that means “Men of Power”. We believe that powerful men are those that support women’s rights and believe in equity of both genders.

This project is born out of the fact that it is impossible to achieve gender equality without working closely with men. This is because men and women are very much interconnected. The actions of men affect women directly, and the actions of women affect men directly. In the spirit of our values and philosophy of being impact driven, this project is a program or summit that seeks to empower men on various aspects of gender and gender inequality to inspire them to be gender equality advocates in the society.

Upon completion of the summit program, the men get to sign a MWANAUME WA POWER PLEDGE, and they officially become Mwanaume wa Power ambassadors in their communities. VIPEP will work hand in hand with them to offer them support to initiate projects that seek to empower more boys and men to be gender equality advocates and also to speak out against issues affecting women in the society.

How to support Mwanaume wa Power Project.

-Offering to be a program facilitator for the summit.

-Offering to nominate someone to be a facilitator.

-Sign the Mwanaume wa Power Pledge (men only)

-Donating towards the project to enable us purchase digital tools that will support the project being online, and also to get internet bundles support for interested attendees that have internet issues. The donations will also support reaching out to as many men as possible to attend the summit.

In case of any further communication or clarification on this project or how you would support it please contact us at info@vipep.org

Afri GIrl Rise Podcast

This is a project that seeks to create a safe space where women get to be insprired, uplifted, and entertained, and also the society at large gets to learn more about the dynamics of gender and gender equality such as femininity, masculinity, patriarchy, chauvinism and feminism.

The podcast will take the nature of:



-Radio dramas

-Monologue stories


-Donate podcast equipment: Podcast microphones, cables, audio mixers, tables and cameras for video podcasts

– Fund the project to enable us purchase podcast equipment

-Volunteer to be a “BEHIND THE SCENES” team member, either as an audio editor, videographer, voice over artist, DJ.

-Help mobilize women in hour community to share their stories under #hearout series.

-For corporates: Advertise with us, especially if your products are largely consumed by women.

In case of any further communication or clarification on this project or how you can support it please contact us at info@vipep.org

She Empowers Her

She Empowers Her is a program by VIPEP that seeks to empower Adolescent girls and young women with insights and information that is relevant to women. These topics include:
•Sexual and Reproductive Health.
•Mental Health Awareness
•Self Awareness
•Emotional Intelligence
•Career Mentorship.

The program takes the nature of talks in schools, informal discussions and camp sessions.

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VILLAGE PILLAR EMPOWERMENT PROJECT(VIPEP) is not just a women organization, It is a platform where every young person is a leader

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