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Founding Director, VIPEP

Rebecca Wanyama

A pillar is a firm support of a superstructure. Women are these support systems. The superstructure is the family, the community. Without a pillar, a building will crumble down to pieces. When we have women who are empowered, we have strong superstructures, strong and stable families and societies.

That is the motivation behind Village Pillars Empowerment Project. We want to be the agent that helps these pillars be strong. We want to be the organization that cements these pillars. Understanding the undeserved position that women in the villages have, we focus our activities in the villages so as to give these women a new hope and a new voice. Together, let us support the pillars of our society

Human Resource Expert,
Social and Development Expert

Co Founder, VIPEP.

Valarie Waswa

When I see women, I see strength. When I see women, I see resilience, potential, I see human beings, just like men. I see CEOs, I see leaders, I see top career women. But because of a crappy system called partriarchy, women are not given the chance to thrive, like their male counterparts. We, in the 21st Century, are still talking about issues such as lack of access to education by girls, lack of access to sanitary towels because of high poverty levels. In the 21st Century, we are still talking about women being sexually and physically abused. We’re still talking about women being seen as lesser beings, as baby machines and sex objects.

Yet, when we give women a chance, we will be amazed by how much they can do. Our cultures and religious values have relinquished the position of a woman in society-but narratives can be changed and new ones can be set. That is the vision that I have for women, and I hope that VIPEP can create this change, one woman at a time. Together, we can do this.

LLB Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

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Our Values



We believe that every woman should be given equal opportunity for development.


We believe in dealing with everyone honestly and openly


We believe that everybody is somebody therefore women should be treated fairly and equally.


We are driven by the passion that women are the PILLARS of the society therefore we have to equip them for tomorrow.
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VIPEP is a girl child and women-based non-profit organization in Kenya with an aim to promote gender equality by championing initiatives that create opportunities for girls and women from disadvantaged backgrounds so that they may have equal chances to their male counterparts in sectors like education, leadership positions, career etc. We endeavor to achieve this through conducting policy research, campaigns and mentorship programs. We advocate for women’s rights and inspire girls and women to tap the power within them and be the change they want to see.
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VILLAGE PILLAR EMPOWERMENT PROJECT(VIPEP) is not just a women organisation, It is a platform where every young person is a leader

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