She Goes Digital

She Goes Digital

In October 2021, VIPEP officially launched a new program called “She Goes Digital”.

This is a program that seeks to equip young women with digital skills for the digital economy. With the advent of the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020, nothing has undergone a revolution like the nature and future of jobs. With the lockdown measures that were out in our country Kenya, this led to loss of jobs, and because many businesses were not operating, most employees were laid off from work.

But, there is only one sector that truly thrived during this lockdown period; the digital economy. People who were offering services, products and solutions digitally were not restricted from these lockdown measures. And this has made it important to look differently at the future of work.

It is important for young people to embrace the digital economy, regardless of whatever sector they are in: whether it is agriculture or entertainment, art or medicine.
Inspired by this, VIPEP decided to launch a program that would equip young women with modern in-demand digital skills to enable them earn a decent incime. This came after a realization that a huge majority of girls and women from the rural parts of Kakamega do not possess most of these digital skills, and are therefore blocked out from the full financial benefits the digital world.

VIPEP has set up a training up in Kakamega, next to its offices to provide in-person training for girls that do not have access to digital devices and Internet connection as well as electricity. The hub also allows for access and use of digital devices for those who wish to work online and do not have access to digital devices, internet connectivity and electricity.

The program has so far trained 135 young women between 14 and 24 years with basic digital literacy skills.

The vision is train over 50,000 young women with over 100 digital skills in the next 5 years.

Call to Action:

VIPEP depends on the support of individuals, companies and organizations to be able to reach out to as many girls and women from the rural parts of Kakamega and offer them with free digital skills training. This is because most of the girls are not able to afford laying for the training, yet this is the target group as they are the ones with little to no digital skills, yet the skills offers them with potential to earn money offering their skills and services digitally and eventually eradicating poverty.

We are currently, therefore, looking forward to expand our training hub, which currently can host a maximum of 15 people and a maximum of 7 computers, so we can have at least 30 girls being trained in one sitting.

We also need to add more computers, desks and chairs to be able to accommodate more girls.

You can also support the program by paying for the training of the number of girls you are willing to pay for.

If you would like to get in touch with us, you can send us an email on:, or WhatsApp us at: +254707059485

Let us hold hands together and bridge the digital gender divide among young women in rural communities, and eventually, solve poverty and unemployment among young women