Support us

Support us

VIPEP thrives in working together with other individuals, well wishers, organizations and companies that resonate with our mission, vision and values.

Why support us?

  • Supporting us means you are supporting hundreds and thousands of women that stand to benefit from our projects.
  • Supporting us means you believe in us and the work we do to achieve a safe, just and equitable society for both men and women.
  • Supporting us means you acknowledge the great work that we are doing, and you would love to encourage us to keep going.
  • Supporting us means you are probably looking for an initiative where you could take part in as a way of giving back to society, or as a means of corporate social responsibility. If that is the case, you are at the right place.

We therefore invite all of you interested parties to support our projects through the following options (whichever works for you)

  1. Donate a monthly amount.

-You could commit a monthly amount of money to help support our projects that seek to impact the lives of women towards a longer vision of achieving gender equity.


  1. Donate a lump sum amount of money.

If you generally wish to support us by donating an amount of money, please select the form below and select how much you would like to donate, and how you would like to do that

Feel free to select the purpose of the donation, so we can know how to channel the money to your desired need.

  1. Donate towards a certain project.

If you are specifically interested in any of the projects we work on, you could choose to support them either in kind or in money, as stipulated under the “OUR PROJECTS” section. If you wish to make a monetary contribution, select the form below on the amount you would like to donate, and how you would like to donate.


  1. Donate a gift to VIPEP

If you are touched by the work we do, you could choose to donate a gift to the organization. This can be a vehicle, office space, a piece of land, office equipment, and any other gift of your choice. For more guidance on how to do this, kindly contact us at

  1. In kind support.

If there is any non-monetary way you would support us to enable us improve the lives of women and advance gender equality, please feel free to do so. For further guidance, please contact us at




  • We will be sending monthly newsletters to your email to keep informing you of the work we are doing and the projects we are working on.
  • We will be having annual stakeholder briefing conferences to brief all our stakeholders, supporters and partners on how we have carried out our projects depending on all of your support. You are all invited, and feel free to ask all your questions. Also, because we get support from different parts of the world, the stakeholder conference will be virtual in nature to enable all stakeholders to attend.
  • For our corporate partners, we will mention your company and brand in all our engagements, platforms and events for brand visibility. We will also furnish certification of corporate social responsibility to affirm our working together to help with tax reductions.
  • Once again, we would like to appreciate all of you who believe in the work we do and support us constantly