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Phone: 61 3 8376 6284
Rebbecca Wanyama
BS, engineering, Technical University of Denmark
MBA, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Rebecca Wanyama
Founding Director, VIPEP
Human Resource Expert,
Social and Development Expert

Apillar is a firm support of a superstructure. Women are these support systems. The superstructure is the family, the community. Without a pillar, a building will crumble down to pieces. When we have women who are empowered, we have strong superstructures, strong and stable families and societies. That is the motivation behind Village Pillars Empowerment Project. We want to be the agent that helps these pillars be strong. We want to be the organization that cements these pillars. Understanding the undeserved position that women in the villages have, we focus our activities in the villages so as to give these women a new hope and a new voice. Together, let us support the pillars of our society